Contact UsΒΆ

Please post any questions, comments, suggestions, possible bugs, etc. to our BAMM Google Groups page or (for bug reports) to our GitHub forum. You may also contact us directly: Dan Rabosky <>.

If you are reporting a problem, please include (if possible) the data files that led to the problem, the control file, and as much information as possible about your operating system and computer architecture. To get the version of OS X you are using, click on the apple icon on the upper-left corner of the screen, then click on “About this Mac.” On Linux, you should be able to obtain most of this information using:

uname -a

If you compiled BAMM on your system, please send us details about the compiler you used. The compiler used is shown when you typed make and CMake reported the compiler found. Most compilers have the option --version to print out the version.

If BAMM actually begins to perform an analysis, then it will have generated a detailed run_info.txt file that contains information about your analysis. Please include this file in your post or e-mail.